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The Candy Man Can

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We Love Mickey Mouse

We are just finalizing everything for our upcoming trip to Disney World this year (2014) which seems about the right time to post about last year’s favorite dining excursions. That’s how we find ourselves these days, about a year behind.
Every year, the Disney experience just gets better and better. This upcoming year will mark our 5th consecutive family trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. We are staying at both the Art of Animation with the largest pool at Disney World, and Port Orleans Riverside. We have our magic bands in hand, and fast passes selected. We are sitting on pins and needles in anticipation!
Last year was incredibly fun, though I left feeling unsatisfied. We started our family vacation in St. Maarten. Unfortunately, near the end of the week I came down with an excruciatingly painful ear infection. The plane trip from St. Maarten to Florida literally had me clutching my head in the corner. It was heinous, and I could hardly walk out of the airport after we landed. The first day at Disney was rough, and I had to leave Gabriel and the twins at Animal Kingdom and take a bus back to our hotel to rest. Though each day got a little better, the first three days weren't what I would call fulfilling, which left the last three days trying to fill what we couldn’t experience the first three days, while the final day, Gabe came down with something resembling the flu and it was a miserable trip home. Not only that, but our credit card numbers were stolen during the St. Maarten portion of the trip and we spent the next 6 months trying to straighten everything out.
The worst part: I didn’t even get a proper visit to the Boulangerie! So,... when I say we are excited for this year’s trip, I mean I need to squeeze two years into one! This year we’re staying for a full 9 days, plus our departure flight doesn’t leave until 8 pm on the 10th day! Now that is what you call a Disney vacation!
Despite the setbacks, Disney is Disney and Disney rarely disappoints. We had two favorite meals last year. The first was at Coral Reef Restaurant. This pearl is tucked away in Epcot behind the Nemo ride in the Seas portion of Future World. This restaurant is truly spectacular. It is housed inside an actual aquarium; the same ‘The Seas with Nemo & Friends aquarium’ you can view when you exit the ride of the same name. The ride itself is adorable and follows Marlin and Nemo as they swim through the ocean with their friends and climaxes with an adorable song at the end from the musical:

Walt Disney World Epcot Theme Park
Future World Seas Pavillion
Disney World, Florida
(407) WDW-DINE

We waited a few extra minutes for a table next to the glass and we actually got to watch our own Mr. Ray leading a school of fish around the aquarium, completing several laps, presumably teaching the little tykes all about sea life. It was magical!

I ordered the Lobster and Shrimp Orecchiette Pasta with White Cheddar Cheese and Asparagus, and ended up sharing most of it with the twins. They ate it in addition to their fish of the day, and since I was still feeling quite ill I was happy to see it not go to waste. Despite not feeling well, I remember it was delicious with large, and plentiful, chunks of lobster.  Gabriel ordered the Seared Rainbow Trout with Warm Salad of White Beans, Arugula, Tomatoes, crispy Bacon, Aged Balsamic Vinegar, and Brown Butter. It was phenomenal.

I will admit that the desserts left a little to be desired, however, the atmosphere couldn’t be beat. It was festive, it was unique, and if you have little aquatic lovers like I do, your kids will be overjoyed.

Our other favorite meal was at everyone’s new favorite restaurant: Be Our Guest! In fact, this year we called at our 180 days, plus the 10 extra days they give you for booking advance hotel reservations and there was still no availability for any night of our stay. If you want to dine here, and you definitely should try: Good Luck!

Magic Kingdom Theme Park
New Fantasyland
Disney World, Florida
(407) WDW-DINE
Online Reservations

This restaurant is gorgeous, and does not miss a single detail when it comes to recreating the Beast’s castle on top of Belle’s village. From the bridge to the entrance, to the grand ballroom and the detailing artwork on the ceiling. We were fortunate to get a table right next to the outer walls and could watch the snow falling outside the castle.

The Beast does several grand entrances where the butler announces his entrance and he makes his way through the dining hall weaving his way among the tables. He then goes to his study and waits for visitors to take photos with.

We dined on Pan-seared Salmon on Leek Fondue served with Creamy Saffron-crushed Potatoes, and Grilled Strip Steak with Garlic-Herb Butter and Pommes Frites. Midway through dinner our server came and asked us if we’d like to watch the fireworks. He ushered us out to the bridge where we had the most spectacular, front row view of the fireworks which exploded right over our heads with only a handful of people to share it with. There is nothing to describe how incredible it was.

Again, this was another restaurant where dessert was simply lackluster. For such an exquisite dining experience, ambiance, and character dining, I was disappointed to have nothing more than cupcakes for dessert options. Because we were celebrating our anniversary, we were also served a plate of ‘the grey stuff, it’s delicious!’ which it was, but had we not had a celebration there would have been nothing remarkable to mention here.

On our way out we visited the Beast in his study. We received a warm welcome, and had fun chatting with him. Our little boy was especially delighted.

Our last memorable dining experience this year was at Cinderella's Royal Table, which is actually inside the castle itself. We spent a long time deciding between Akershus and Cinderella, wondering if it was an experience we should save for our children when they were a little bit older. Obviously we chose it, and it was not one of our favorites. In fact, it was terrible. I cannot recommend it.

Cinderella's Royal Table
Magic Kingdom Theme Park
Fantasyland in Cinderella’s Castle
Disney World, Florida

The food is expensive, (2 credits on the dining plan) and doesn't even come close to being worth it. The tables are scrunched so close together you can barely move without bumping into someone else. Considering this is a character dining experience, it’s not ideal, since you are constantly getting up and moving around to take pictures and visit.

The one compliment I have is that the experience feels very authentic. You are called as a royal party to visit Cinderella on the Royal Carpet in her throne room where you take photos (and receive one really terrible rushed complimentary photo)  and led up a beautiful staircase to the dining room. From there you are seated and given a wishing star, and either a sword or a royal star scepter. The castle is exquisite of course, and the stain glass windows and the view of the park were unparalleled. Unfortunately, that was the highlight. More princesses come to greet you during dinner, but they are rushed, they are cramped, and between trying to choke down truly disgusting food, feeling claustrophobic, and just simply wanting to leave, you wished you never came at all.

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