Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I always feel a genuine sense of accomplishment (and a little bit of pride) when I bake something new, and it turns out beautifully. This isn't always the case, so I've developed a habit of involuntarily cringing just a little bit before mustering the courage to peek at the final product.

The by product of experimenting a lot is wasting a lot. It puts me in a foul mood. Last year I was dead-set on creating a caramel recipe that didn't use corn syrup, but all I succeeding in doing was wasting about 5 pounds of butter, and 3 gallons of rich whole whipping cream. Let's not even mention the sugar!

Based on the preparation of this Semifreddo, I feared this new venture would turn out like my many batches of experimental caramel. Fortunately, my first impressions were defeated, as this beautiful confection goes from a hot liquid mess to a beautifully constructed cake that tastes as smooth as it does light and airy. Competing flavors are balanced together harmoniously, while this dessert makes an excellent companion on a hot summer's day.
Peanut Butter-Chocolate Semifreddo

Though this dessert takes a bit of advance planning, (a minimum of 5 hours to set in the freezer) make sure to consume this dessert in the day following completion. Though the link suggests it will be good up to three days, I found to enjoy it best in the first 24 hours.

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Friday, July 1, 2011


For the first six months after we moved to Utah, I awarded myself the job title of confectionista. Aside from experimenting in the kitchen and blogging about my adventures, it was so fun searching out new weekend boutiques to attend, reviewing restaurants, and exploring the vast blogging world that runs rampant in Utah. For those six months, no other commitments consumed my time until... JetBlue came into my purview.

Well that's not all. You know that old nursery rhyme... first came love, then came marriage, then came the babies (count them... two!) in a baby carriage?

They came too.

On top of diaper duty, I head back to work in 23 days. I never, ever, ever thought I would say that I miss my job. Honestly, I never thought I'd have a job that I'd miss, but I love working for JetBlue on the Real Time Recovery/Social Media team tweeting for JetBlue about turtles, fare specials, customer questions, and anything JetBlue related in 140 characters or less, of course.

That also means, you guessed it, Fahreneheit 350° is on twitter as well. Follow me for breaking baking news, updates on JetBlue, thumbsucking, and a few of my own quips and opinions.

Yes friends, my full time confectionista days are behind me! And, what could be better (see above picture with proud Daddy)? Cue cliche music with appropriate bearing testimony of how blessed I am. On top of diaper duty, and working part time, I'm still dedicated to finding time for my passion. Life is about making it work, so, in true twitter fashion this recipe is all about simplicity.

Marshmallow Magic Bars
And what's best, is this recipe is a twist on the original, and is nut free! That way you can share this with everyone, including your loved ones who are allergic.

Melt ½ cup butter and mix with 1 ½ cups of graham cracker crumbs
Press onto the bottom of a 13x9 (casserole dish) pan
Cover crumbs with mini marshmallows
Layer chocolate chips and coconut
Drizzle caramel sauce and 1 can of sweet condensed milk over layers
Bake at F350° for 25 minutes until lightly browned
Let cool, cut, and serve at room temperature

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