Friday, February 19, 2010

"I'm A Complex Guy Sweetheart"

Gabriel is whisking me away today! I am meeting him at work at 4pm, though I don't know what we are doing or what is planned. Actually, all I know is this:

...and that we are celebrating Valentine's Day, my new job!!, and separating ourselves from the endless frustrations and stresses of that dream we call existence.

I'm excited!

I'm also super excited about last Tuesday's Lost episode, "The Substitute", yes still! Why is it that they can answer so many questions by asking so many more? I can't lie, I love it. I love the questions; I love staying up until 2a talking theories with Gabe; I love creating my own snowglobe.

I loved the combination of John Locke and Sawyer. They have always been a complementary pair that seemed perfectly balanced to suit one another. Each had their own daddy issues, created by the same man. Now, with the revelation that Locke's dad is a "good guy" in the parallel time line, at least good enough to be invited to a wedding, creates enough questions to fodder a week of theory devising fun. If Anthony Cooper is a "good enough guy", who is Sawyer in this flash-sideways?

Finally! we were introduced to a new dimension of the names and numbers. Are the numbers listed in order of who is in line for the proverbial throne? Flocke tells Sawyer he can prove why Sawyer is there... does Jacob bring them to the Island by writing their name on the wall, or by visiting them? And, do those visits make the candidates immortal?, an explanation of how they survived all that they have. Were it not for Jacob visiting them off island, I could believe that Flocke brought them to the island for his own purposes. That said, I still wonder if Flocke has been measuring up the candidates to determine whose body he wanted to inhabit. I also find it interesting that the MIB chose Locke's body; the ultimate con. Locke pretended the whole while on the island that he was a whole man, a hunter, a protector, and clarvoivant. Ilana told the new Losties that Flocke was recruiting. Who is his first recruit? Alpert, another con. Do you believe anyone knows where Alpert came from? Second recruit? Sawyer, another con. I believe Kate will be his third, and though her name wasn't on the cave wall she plays a purpose, even if only to fight in Flocke's army.

With the obvious balance of black and white, it only makes sense to me that for each purpose Jacob has designated for each person and/or item, Flocke has an alternate purpose, and vice versa for that matter. I've had the theory for a while now, which plays on the balance of black and white, that one can't live while the other survives (I know that sounds a lot reminiscent of Harry Potter). As I mentioned previously, I believe Flocke wants to get back to his own body. How did Jacob become Jacob, and the MIB become the MIB? My theory is based on the premise that there was a war centuries ago between the MIB and Jacob, in which a power grab ensued for allotment of the Island's powers and abilities. Much like the war in heaven between Satan and Jesus-Jacob and the MIB are in a constant struggle over good and evil, helping mankind find their way versus forcing them to do what they desire, While Jacob's role consists of bringing people to the island, the MIB's responsibility is to keep them on the island, scare, torment and tempt them. This season I believe we will discover the MIB has grown weary of playing the game. As he told Jacob before the arrival of the Black Rock, he wants to kill Jacob. He wants a new role.

Our Sawyer themed episode was celebrated with Con-Man Chicken Pot Pie. Like a con man who pretends to be something he's not, chicken pot pie is masked with a pie crust giving the appearance that it is a dessert, when instead it is a hot tasty mess of gravy and veggies (so much like Sawyer himself).

LOST S6E4: Sawyer Style
  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Shrimp
  • Dharma Soda
  • Louisiana Beignets

After our honeymoon, Gabriel and I made Beignets often using the mix from Cafe Du Monde. This time, I lifted the recipe straight from New Orleans Cuisine and found it scintillating and surprising easy.
Beignet Recipe

I have to say it: I'm going to be pretty upset if LOST gets a Battlestar Galactica ending-and the introduction of Jacob's Ladder makes me nervous.

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Camille said...

eeek!!! I LOVE surprises!! That Gabriel... such a sly dog - can't wait to hear what happens this weekend!!

And, so excited to try out your beignet recipe! Ever since watching the Princess and the Frog, I just knew I wanted to eat some of those authentic N'awlens beignets! Thanks for posting :)

Leslie said...

omg..that is sooo awesome. I wish my husband could that sneaky!! lol

Lauri said...

Sounds very fun! My husband is working in Honolulu and has seen setups for filming downtown Honolulu! His boss lives next to one of the guys from the show, sorry I can't remember right now.

Acting Balanced Mom said...

hope you have a great weekend! stopping by from SITS - the beignets look amamzing!!

Anonymous said...

wow! that sounds amazing! :) a surprise trip is so much fun!

i've never seen lost but your description/theory was so interesting.

yummy yummy pictures also!

hope you enjoyed your trip and thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I love the LOST inspiration for this meal :) You should have incorporated Apollo Bars somewhere.


Pamela said...

beignets!! to be back in New Orleans, ahhhhh. That is where gabe should have wisked you off too. Hope your trip was fun!!

Vanessa said...

I have never had a Beignet!! I am so going to give it a go. I am all for anything having to do with fried dough ha ha!

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