Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sundae Crêpes: Bell Pepper Brie

Since our visit to a French crêperie last year, Brie has fast become my favorite cheese. Brie has such a delicate quality, and when warm, such rich texture. It's versatility is vast; paired well in both sweet and savory dishes and delicious when complimented with simple crackers and avocado.

Bell Pepper Brie Crêpes with Garlic Hollandaise Sauce
Garlic Hollandaise
2 egg yolks
1 tablespoon water
Pinch of salt
Whisk together until frothy

Place mixture in a double boiler, or in a metal pan fitted over a saucepan with 1" simmering water
Stirring consistently, cook until mixture thickens and coats the back of a spoon

1 clove of garlic, finely minced
4 tablespoons butter
Whisk until butter has melted

Return mixture to heat, reduce to low, to warm
Serve immediately

3 eggs
1 ¼ cup milk
Whisk until frothy

(Omit the sugar when making savory crêpes)
3/4 cup flour
Dash of salt
Whisk together until smooth
Allow to sit for 5 to 10 minutes
While crêpes are resting, sauté 1 large mushroom, green, yellow and red bell peppers with 1 tablespoon of butter

In a well buttered crêpe or round pan, pour a few tablespoons of mixture over med heat
Spread thin
Allow to cook for a few minutes,
Flip over, repeat on opposite side
Remove crêpe and add a dab of butter, allow to melt

Fill with a spoonful of bell peppers
Fill with several slices of brie cheese
Fold over both ends
Top with garlic hollandaise

Recipe will yield about 6-8 crêpes

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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Price is Right: Round One

One of these is not like the other:

Having come from and lived in Oregon, and having moved to Utah, I have lamented the loss of WinCo daily, and on multiple occasions via this blog. In fact, if you Google WinCo, my blog will show up multiple times in the first couple of pages. This is not solely due to the fact that Winco is "The Supermarket Low Price Leader", it is because WinCo carries a multitude of products, and more importantly, the products that I want. For the record, I was neither paid, nor compensated to write this review; simply... I heart WinCo.

7020 S. 700 W.
Midvale, Utah 84047

2572 S. 5600 W.
West Valley, Utah 84120
Open 24 Hours
WinCo currently has two 2 store locations in Utah, with 9 additional stores slated to open throughout the state by the end of 2010.

WinCo is a western supermarket chain, owned and operated by it's employees. The first WinCo opened in Boise, Idaho in 1967 and was previously known first as Waremart, and then as Cub Foods. As the store grew both in size and popularity it's name changed to WinCo in 1999 as it branched across several states. WinCo is an acronym which utilizes the states in which it is located, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and Oregon, and stands for Winning Company.

Winco can even beat Costco on prices.

The bulk section at WinCo is A to the mazing.
Tapioca flour, rye flour, gluten flour, spelt flour, white flour, white unbleached flour, rice flour, soy flour, whole wheat flour, whole eat unbleached flour from $0.27/lb to $2.56/lb; spice apple bran mix, cornbread mix, blueberry muffin mix, biscuit mix, brownie mix, chicken breading mix, buttermilk pancakes mix, 10 grain muffin mix, pizza dough mix from $0.69/lb to $1.56/lb; short grain brown rice, jasmine rice, long grain brown rice, white short grain rice, white long grain rice, basmati rice, pearl rice, jasmine brown rice, converted rice from $0.60/lb to $1.57/lb; soy beans, navy beans, black turtle beans, northern beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, red beans, kidney beans, pink beans, adzuki beans, maya coba beans from $0.55/lb to $1.38/lb. Bricks of Guittard Milk and Dark Chocolate at $3.24/lb.

Not only is the produce beautiful, but vast, encompassing of the entire store. My little Tipsy loves crunchy bell peppers, and at this price she can have all the peppers she begs for.

The broccoli is trimmed near the base of the crown, so you aren't paying for all stem!!

The cashiers even gently slide your fruit across the scale and onto the conveyor belt so you aren't sent home with bruised goodies! And... if a price rings up wrong - it's free!

Yes! Actual heads of lettuce is sold at WinCo, and of multiple varieties!

WinCo is a true "supermarket", not a superTarget, or superWalmart which also sells food, but a supermarket in the business of providing bulk food, bulk varieties of food, bulk options, and bulk prices, i.e. aisle after aisle of groceries.

Would you prefer week old Sara Lee Bread from the aftermarket bakery for a discounted price? or corn syrup and fructose free, fresh whole grain Oroweat bread with antioxidants, fiber and protein.

There is no comparison to Tillamook Dairy Products from Cheese to Yogurt. Tillamook is a farmer owned dairy who prides themselves on the fact that they refuse to use hormones, or rBST injections on their cows or in their products. Did you know that Yoplait Yogurt contains - not only aspartame, but corn syrup as well? You won't find either of those cancer causing products in Tillamook yogurt, sold at $0.45/ea!

When I first visited the WinCo in Midvale I made a beeline for the Ice Cream. I called Gabriel, shaking with excitement began reading to him, "Oregon Black Cherry, Rocky Road, Banana Split, Caramel Toffee Crunch, Udderly Chocolate, Marionberry Pie, and French Vanilla." I'm not ashamed to say I even cried a little bit.

For those who don't understand by now what happened: Tillamook Ice Cream is sold exclusively in stores located in close proximity to the factory where the Ice Cream is produced... until now. Because Tillamook buys for all it's locations, now even the Utah WinCo's are able to carry Tillamook Ice Cream, and that, makes my life worth living (in Utah).

Let's play a little game: The Price is Right!
How much do you think each of the above
items is currently on sale for at Winco?
  • 1 point: Leave a comment
  • 2 points: Quess your price, one comment per item ex, Avocados, $
  • 3 points: Blog about your own love for WinCo, or link to this blog post
  • Deadline to enter: March 5
The 4 entries who come the closest to the price I actually paid for that item at WinCo, without going over, will win a free 1.75 quart of Tillamook Ice Cream, your flavor choice, redeemable at any WinCo in Utah. Coupons good for one year - courtesy of Tillamook Creamery and Fahrenheit 350°.

When you get your ice cream, you'll cry a little bit too... seriously-I would prefer this to a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer... no lie!

*All images courtesy of Google Images. Contest open to contestants located in WinCo states only, sorry!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"He Walks Among Us, But is Not One of Us"

Looking back over my posts this past month, I'm realizing it's been a lot of crêpes, and a lot of LOST; so in my appreciation to you for putting up with my obsessions (even though I know you love it!)-I'm sharing with you my super secret Chocolate Sweet Sauce recipe!

Chocolate Sweet Sauce
1 stick butter
12oz evaporated milk
¾ cup sugar
2oz german chocolate
3.5 oz milk chocolate
1 egg
½ teaspoon vanilla
Whisking constantly bring to a boil over medium heat in medium saucepan
Reduce to low, and continue lightly whisking
Cook for 12 minutes, whisking and scraping sides of pan
Remove from heat
Transfer to glass jar for storing
Store in fridge
Yields 1 quart

Enjoy this sweet sauce while watching LOST S6E5, "Lighthouse"!

LOST S6E5: Jack Attack

  • Thai Takeout
  • Egg Rolls
  • Dharma Soda
  • Fried Bananas with Tillamook Oregon Cherry Ice Cream and Chocolate Sweet Sauce
Doctors are always eating exotic foods, so we made plans to make sushi - but after we were both up at 6am and working until 5pm... we found it much more desirable to pick up some Thai takeout and reminisce about Jack's trip to Thailand when it got his awesome tats!

The Lighthouse is the same name of the Dharma Initiative station off Island, a suggestion that Jacob was manipulating the DI. While the off Island station calculated where the Island was, the on Island station helped people find their way there - something Jacob himself supposed did, maybe even as well.

You know 108° has to be Desmond! It is only fitting considering he was pushing the button every 108 minutes, and brought them all there (supposedly) by not inputting all of their numbers on time. Not to mention he disappeared from the plane, and in Jacob's words, "Has to find his way...", and Faraday's mother told him last season, "The Island isn't done with you yet."

Linus was the first name shown on the lighthouse wheel... but both Benjamin and his father came to the island via the DI. Another indication that Jacob was manipulating the DI this entire time as well?, or did Benjamin become a candidate after he teamed up with the hostiles? Being that a mirror displays a reflection of what is before it, I assume the mirror is a projection of the specific place wherein that degree is located, and therefore the numbers representing the intersection of how the candidates find there way to the Island. Why would Jacob need to "see" anything, i.e. Ben, regarding someone who was already on the Island? Where was Jacob pointing that telescope that Jack uses to breaks the mirror?


P.S. Thank you everyone for your well wishes on our weekend getaway! We went to Wendover, only lost $40 thankfully, and had a great time! We are anticipating many more (much more I might add) exciting adventures this year... like watching the finalè of LOST in Hawaii!!!... (does anyone know how to get tickets for that?) details forthcoming!

One Year Ago: Nonsense Cookies, Snickerdoodles

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sundae Crêpes: Blueberry Peanut Butter

We didn't plan ahead like we usually do for our Crêpescape this weekend, so we used what we had on hand: Blueberrry Jam and Peanut Butter. If you love the American combination of peanut butter sandwiches, then this enjoyable breakfast will certainly be a hit around the table.

Blueberry Peanut Butter Crêpes
3 eggs
1 ¼ cup milk
Whisk until frothy

1 Tablespoon sugar
3/4 cup flour
Dash of salt
Whisk together until smooth
Allow to sit for 5 to 10 minutes

In a well buttered crêpe or round pan, pour a few tablespoons of mixture over med heat
Spread thin
Allow to cook for a few minutes,
Flip over, repeat on opposite side
Remove crêpe and add a dab of butter, allow to melt
Fill with a spoonful of peanut butter
Fill with a spoonful of blueberry jam
Fold over both ends
Top with an additional spoonful of jam and peanut butter if desired

Recipe will yield about 6-8 crêpes

Friday, February 19, 2010

"I'm A Complex Guy Sweetheart"

Gabriel is whisking me away today! I am meeting him at work at 4pm, though I don't know what we are doing or what is planned. Actually, all I know is this:

...and that we are celebrating Valentine's Day, my new job!!, and separating ourselves from the endless frustrations and stresses of that dream we call existence.

I'm excited!

I'm also super excited about last Tuesday's Lost episode, "The Substitute", yes still! Why is it that they can answer so many questions by asking so many more? I can't lie, I love it. I love the questions; I love staying up until 2a talking theories with Gabe; I love creating my own snowglobe.

I loved the combination of John Locke and Sawyer. They have always been a complementary pair that seemed perfectly balanced to suit one another. Each had their own daddy issues, created by the same man. Now, with the revelation that Locke's dad is a "good guy" in the parallel time line, at least good enough to be invited to a wedding, creates enough questions to fodder a week of theory devising fun. If Anthony Cooper is a "good enough guy", who is Sawyer in this flash-sideways?

Finally! we were introduced to a new dimension of the names and numbers. Are the numbers listed in order of who is in line for the proverbial throne? Flocke tells Sawyer he can prove why Sawyer is there... does Jacob bring them to the Island by writing their name on the wall, or by visiting them? And, do those visits make the candidates immortal?, an explanation of how they survived all that they have. Were it not for Jacob visiting them off island, I could believe that Flocke brought them to the island for his own purposes. That said, I still wonder if Flocke has been measuring up the candidates to determine whose body he wanted to inhabit. I also find it interesting that the MIB chose Locke's body; the ultimate con. Locke pretended the whole while on the island that he was a whole man, a hunter, a protector, and clarvoivant. Ilana told the new Losties that Flocke was recruiting. Who is his first recruit? Alpert, another con. Do you believe anyone knows where Alpert came from? Second recruit? Sawyer, another con. I believe Kate will be his third, and though her name wasn't on the cave wall she plays a purpose, even if only to fight in Flocke's army.

With the obvious balance of black and white, it only makes sense to me that for each purpose Jacob has designated for each person and/or item, Flocke has an alternate purpose, and vice versa for that matter. I've had the theory for a while now, which plays on the balance of black and white, that one can't live while the other survives (I know that sounds a lot reminiscent of Harry Potter). As I mentioned previously, I believe Flocke wants to get back to his own body. How did Jacob become Jacob, and the MIB become the MIB? My theory is based on the premise that there was a war centuries ago between the MIB and Jacob, in which a power grab ensued for allotment of the Island's powers and abilities. Much like the war in heaven between Satan and Jesus-Jacob and the MIB are in a constant struggle over good and evil, helping mankind find their way versus forcing them to do what they desire, While Jacob's role consists of bringing people to the island, the MIB's responsibility is to keep them on the island, scare, torment and tempt them. This season I believe we will discover the MIB has grown weary of playing the game. As he told Jacob before the arrival of the Black Rock, he wants to kill Jacob. He wants a new role.

Our Sawyer themed episode was celebrated with Con-Man Chicken Pot Pie. Like a con man who pretends to be something he's not, chicken pot pie is masked with a pie crust giving the appearance that it is a dessert, when instead it is a hot tasty mess of gravy and veggies (so much like Sawyer himself).

LOST S6E4: Sawyer Style
  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Shrimp
  • Dharma Soda
  • Louisiana Beignets

After our honeymoon, Gabriel and I made Beignets often using the mix from Cafe Du Monde. This time, I lifted the recipe straight from New Orleans Cuisine and found it scintillating and surprising easy.
Beignet Recipe

I have to say it: I'm going to be pretty upset if LOST gets a Battlestar Galactica ending-and the introduction of Jacob's Ladder makes me nervous.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Alarm Clock

I'm not a morning person. I don't jump out of bed ready for the day. I don't wake up with a smile on my face. I don't feel like I could run a marathon.

I toss and turn and pull the covers up tightly over my shoulders and stretch. I lament having to get up and out of bed casting off those heavy comforting blankets. I try and fall back asleep. I grab my phone and I text in bed prolonging the morning.

In an effort to be healthy and more productive I've employed a routine: Wake up slowly, eat breakfast, read scriptures, exercise... in that order. But what to eat for breakfast? Short of a bowl of cereal or a piece of fruit, breakfast takes time and preparation. Even oatmeal requires effort - and yet despite the effort, breakfast is so rewarding. More so than dinner or, gasp!, dessert, because it starts your day. It gives you energy to accomplish your tasks and jump starts brain function. Breakfast is my alarm clock.

I only start smiling after breakfast.
Banana Coffee Cake
This is an excellent dense morning cake with a sweet, salty and crunchy texture. Served warm with a dab of butter, this breakfast will get you rocking and rolling.

¾ cup canola oil
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
Beat together for several minutes

2 mashed bananas
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 ½ cups flour
1 teaspoons baking powder
¼ teaspoon salt
Stir just to incorporate flour
¼ cup buttermilk
¼ cup sour cream
½ cup whole or crushed pecans

Pour batter into 8x8x2 greased pan
Top with strudel
Bake at F350°, 45-55 minutes

Yields 1 square cakes, 8-12 pieces

½ stick butter
¼ cup pecans
½ cup oatmeal
¼ cup brown sugar
¼ cup flour
1 teaspoons cinnamon
¼ teaspoon ground ginger

One Year Ago: Happy Birthday Melinda, Chocolate Almond Cake with Vanilla Mousse Frosting and Vanilla Walnut Frosting

Monday, February 15, 2010

"I'm Coming With You"

This was my Valentine's Day Card:

Locke is my favorite character
; the original Locke, not the unLocke, Flocke, or the Man in Black, but John Locke.

The Man in Black is merely a disguise of a person without identity. He claims that Locke's follies make him a victim, that Locke was "weak, pathetic, irreparably broken and pitiful". What the Man in Black is unable to distinguish, what he is incapable of comprehending, is that Locke is the only person who possessed Faith. Faith is what made Locke whole. Despite the many powers and talents of the Man in Black-he has no Faith.

Locke was the same person on the island as he was off the island. He was strong, he was compassionate, and he believed unfaltering that his Faith would direct his actions and prove a favorable outcome; that his Father and Mother would ultimately love him, that Helen would marry him, that he would sleep under the stars and hunt boar on a walkabout. His mantra, "Don't tell me what I can't do," was the voice of his Faith.

I believe that when the unLocke says that he wants the one thing John Locke didn't want, that he wants to go home-I believe he was saying he wants to go home to his body. Clearly he is able to wield different forms, and it is assumed he must have had a body at one point. His behavior is indicative of someone who is lost in the truest sense and his actions are desperate, as are the actions of anyone preparing for war.

Of course, the unending parallels between Jacob and the unLocke are striking in their resemblance between Christ and Satan with the most prominent being that Jacob allowed himself to be sacrificed. Ben, wholly consumed with what he desired, even witnessed the irony: "Why did he let me kill him?" Jacob told the Man in Black, "It only has to end once, and everything else is progress," begging the obvious question: What has to end? The Fate of the Island? War? Mankind? A common theme that has never ceased is that the Island may be the conduit to save all mankind-how many times have we heard following the question: What if I can't do it? "Then, God help us All."

We know the flashes are flash-sideways, so everyone's ultimate question is: What happened with the nuke? I wonder if the Losties were ever really in 1977, or merely experiencing an overlapping dimension which allowed them entrance to perform their destiny. In other words: Did the Losties actually go back in time, or did they simply converge on an alternate timeline? Now that we have the flash-sideways, with three different potential outcomes (ongoing Island, Oceanic 815, underwater Atlantis) the revelation concedes that time is nonlinear. Faraday attempted to explain this phenomenon by saying, "This is our present," which one could interpret as a chronological reference, or one could interpret it as converging dimensions within a fixed point in time, i.e. The Theory of Simultaneous Existence. I believe this will come into play again.

This week we watched lost with a Kate Centric theme. At the beginning of the first episode, Kate found herself in a tree after the explosion? Likewise, after the orignial plane crash, Bernard was the only survivor found in a tree. Throughout the course of the 5 seasons we have seen a changed man in Bernard, one who initially fought the inevitable and tried to plot his own course, to one who ultimately gave in to his destiny, so to speak. Is this the same transformation we will finally see in Kate this season?

Kate, on or off the Island, is always on the run, constantly chasing after something, after someone or towards something. So what does a girl need on the run? She needs something she can snack, steal, or stash.

LOST S6E3: Kate-Centric
  • Tuna Sandwiches
  • Granola Bars
  • Doritos Chips
  • Cookies
  • Dharma Soda
White Almond Cookies
1 cup butter
2 cups powdered sugar

2 eggs
1 teaspoon almond extract

2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon salt
1 cup white chocolate chips
1 cup slivered, chopped, or sliced almonds
Drop spoonfuls on cookie sheet
Bake at F350°, 9-11 minutes
Transfer to wire rack or paper towel to cool

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sundae Crêpes: Raspberry Orange

I do love Valentine's Day..., and I love saying I love you! I don't think anyone should reserve sharing their love for Valentine's Day, but I do think it's wonderful that we have a day to solely celebrate our love for the special people in our lives.

I'm told next weekend Gabriel is planning something special, and as I love surprises-I can't wait. This year I spent all week at See's Candies; 10 hours on Saturday trying to convince numerous men that a) Yes! Your wife does want a heart box, b) Yes! Your wife does want her box of chocolates wrapped, and c) Yes! It does matter. On several occasions I just had to take matters into my own hands... sigh... their poor wives...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Raspberry Orange Crêpes
Orange Crêpes
3 eggs
1 ¼ cup milk
Freshly squeezed juice from ½ orange
Whisk until frothy

1 Tablespoon sugar
3/4 cup flour
Dash of salt
Whisk together until smooth
Allow to sit for 5 to 10 minutes

In a well buttered crêpe or round pan, pour a few tablespoons of mixture over med heat
Spread thin
Allow to cook for a few minutes,
Flip over, repeat on opposite side
Remove crêpe and add a dab of butter, allow to melt
Orange Whipped Cream
Whip cream as normal
When cream is nearly finished, add the zest of one orange with sugar
Whip to stiff peaks

Raspberry Purée
½ cup partially mashed raspberries
2 tablespoons sugar
Stir to blend

Fill with a spoonful of raspberry purée
Fold over both ends
Top with a dollop of orange whip cream, and more raspberry purée

Recipe will yield about 6-8 crêpes

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to M.A.K.E. Your Own Awesome Candies

Last year I blogged about how to make your own Candy Chocolates;
chocolate coated, candy cream flavored centers in a two part series.

This year....

Accept your invitation over at Bloom, for a bigger and better tutorial.

It's not too late for Valentine's Day!
Head over there now to your baking on!

A Place to Bloom:

One year ago: Food Munchers, Delicious Chocolate Cookies (A Perfect Valentine's Treat!)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The results are in!

Who is the lucky winner of the Fahrenheit 350°
Valentine Candy Giveaway?

Vanessa @ Crafty & Creative
Sorry Vanessa! You didn't contact me within 24 hours! 
So Congratulations:
I'm Erin @ The Summerill Surf
You have 24 hours to email me with your info. 

at the last minute I decided it would be super fun to pick two winners!

So with that, congratulations also to:

You have 24 hours to email me with your info.
Congratulations again! New giveaway next week!

And! As a special offer running until the end of February -
one free 4oz. Pecan Sweet Log with ANY order placed through Fahrenheit 350°!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sundae Crêpes: Banana Nutella

Last year for Valentine's Day, Gabriel took me on a tour of Paris in Portland, visiting French restaurants and stores in each of the four quadrants of the city. It was a fun day, complete with several versions of crêpes.

It was a very sweet, and very romantic day. I've always wanted to visit France, the actual France... Of course I want to visit France! As a baker I would love to feast and dine and indulge in France! In fact, we made plans to visit Paris a few winters ago, as my college graduation present, but unfortunately we weren't able to finalize our trip... perhaps this year...

I imagine visiting France on February 2, La Chandeleur: National Crêpe Day. Holding a coin in one hand and flipping a crêpe in the other, listening to adulation's of praise and viewing the esteemed Eiffel Tower out of the corner of my eye.

Banana Nutella Crêpes
A very popular crêpe in France is Banana Nutella Crêpes. They are simply filled with sliced bananas and nutella. Surprise your Valentine with these crêpes Sunday morning and begin your Valentine's day with the romance of Paris.

3 eggs
1 1/4 cup milk
Whisk milk and eggs until frothy

1 Tablespoon sugar
3/4 cup flour
Dash of salt
Whisk together until smooth
Allow to sit for 5 to 10 minutes

In a well buttered crêpe or round pan, pour a few tablespoons of mixture over med heat
Spread thin
Allow to cook for a few minutes,
Flip over, repeat on opposite side
Remove crêpe and add a dab of butter, allow to melt

Fill with a spoonful of Nutella
Add several slices of fresh banana
Fold over both ends
Top with a dollop of Nutella, a banana slice for adornment, and a cache of whipped cream if desired

Recipe will yield about 6-8 crêpes
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1 ½ pounds of Valentine's Day Fahrenheit 350°
for your sweetheart.
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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Dudes! Majorly cool stuff happened this week, and I've finally recovered from their sheer overwhelming awesomeness to share. Um,... like how about the airing of the first episode of the final season of LOST!

It was pretty much a huge event over here.

I mean, maybe you already knew this. Like back when I held a scientific poll asking: Who is your favorite LOST scientist, or perhaps when I talked about paying homage to JJ Abrams with Fringe while LOST was on hiatus, or possibly when I talked about watching re-runs of LOST, or the other time when I mentioned watching back to back episodes of LOST, or when I gave you a run down of how many episodes per day we scheduled to finish watching every season before the season premiere, or maybe it was back at the start of Season 5 when I presented you with a fanatical review of the season opener: Because You Left, and renamed the dessert Eclairs after the character Claire on the show.

So, like we decided to pick a character every episode this season, and you know, like eat food they would eat. And Since Hurley owns Mr. Clucks and all, we went with Fried Chicken for S6E1 (Season 6, Episode 1).

LOST S6E1&2: Hurley Night
  • Mr. Clucks Fried Chicken
  • Mr. Clucks Mashed Potatoes
  • Mr. Clucks Fried Potato Wedges
  • Mr. Clucks Biscuits
  • Dharma Soda

Then, since we didn't know what happened when Juliet hit the bomb thingy, or if the characters would still be in 1977, we went for a popular 70's dessert to be safe and cover all the bases. And, we made it with Twinkies for, like the sponge cake part, because that's what Hurley would want.
  • Baked Alaska

Frozen Alaska, 'cuz I didn't like bake it and stuff

Find a cake pan and a bowl that are similar in size, you want to match the rim of the bowl with the pan
Place horizontally sliced Twinkies, cream side up, to fill the cake pan snug
Freeze Twinkies in pan until firm
**Tip: The base of a springform pan works great.

Line a large bowl, matching the size of your cake pan, with tin foil
Spoon your favorite flavor of Tillamook Ice Cream into the bowl, about 1-2 quarts, as high as a dome as you want
Freeze until firm and retains shape when removed from bowl

Remove Twinkie base from freezer, and lift ice cream out of the bowl and remove foil
Invert domed ice cream and place onto Twinkie base
Cover tops and sides with cool whip
Freeze again until firm
(Traditionally this dessert is covered with meringue, but Hurley would want, you know, like cool whip)

S6E1 was awesome, and intense, and crazy and answered so many questions and it was just like, I don't know, the best ever!

Enter my giveaway to win
1 ½ pounds of Valentine's Day
Fahrenheit 350° Candy
for your sweetheart.
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