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Romantic Getaway: Blue Boar Inn Midway, Utah

It began the way the best stories always do, with a boy and a girl who fell in love.

In the 1950's, Jay and Sandy Niederhauser met on a street corner in Salt Lake City, Utah; this year they are celebrating their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary, more in love now than they were in 1959. After 40 years of marriage, a majority of that time spent apart with Jay traveling as a salesman, today the couple spend their days and nights together, as the nation's longest married innkeepers, Utah's own, Innkeepers of the Blue Boar Inn in Midway, Utah.

Blue Boar Inn & Restaurant
1235 Warm Springs Road
Midway, Utah 84049
local: 435.654.1400 / tollfree: 888.650.1400
Open Daily
Restaurant Open to All Patrons

The Blue Boar Inn is the consummate in romantic getaways; beginning with a majestic mountain canyon drive, to resting perched atop the valley, one can do nothing but find love and peace while enveloped within the grand home that is the Blue Boar Inn, escaping the trivialities of worldly concerns. Jay Niederhauser was a humble and terrific Swiss host, an amenity and extravagance of the Inn; as a guest, you could not find yourself in better company.

*All photos courtesy of the Blue Boar Inn

An European Inn with Alpine decor, no expense is spared in the operation of this grand Inn. From the Hinterhoff (the patio behind the inn) to the Truffle Hollow (the bar/pub), ornate decorations adorn the walls and line the hallways - laminated bone stock crossbows from the 13th century, still life paintings from France commissioned in 1850 by Jean Maxime Claude, Kochelofen wood stoves,... the Inn stays true to it's European Swiss roots.

This year, the Inn was awarded 2009 Best of State in both categories of Best European Fine Dining and Best Brunch. Over the past 11 years, the Blue Boar Inn has donned 31 Best of State Awards including Best Sunday Brunch, Best European Dining, and Best Wedding Anniversary Package, lest we forget to mention the Boss Award in Dining and Best Inn: a 25 lb. Gold Statue, demonstrative evidence depicting the best of the best.

Initially, I was invited to review the Blue Boar Restaurant, and while there had the pleasure of receiving a grand tour of the Inn, including several of its exquisite rooms. Each one of the 12 rooms of the Inn is named after a famous author, from Austen to Shakespeare and is furnished and decorated with beautifully inspired creations fashioned after their namesake. Entrance to each room, including non guest rooms-23 doors in total, begins with a stunning, elaborate carved woodcut on a 200 year old door. The Jane Austen Room, one of the Deluxe Rooms, is composed of elegant Nordic ambrosial bedding, a library of Austen's works, and a turret window seat one could imagine Austen herself sitting at, as she once did in Hampshire conceiving a literary romance. The William Shakespeare Room, one of the Grand Suites, houses an Italian carved Rococo King Bed with triple layered bed skirts and extravagant gold linens and double sided bedding, a Romeo balcony, Roman Columned Spa Bath, a fireplace jutting into the middle of the room and lavish seating becoming of a scholarly gentleman. The Geoffrey Chaucer Room, a Traditional Room, is enhanced with an Austrian Folk Art Canopy Bed, river rock gas fireplace, and a view of the blooming European cottage garden.

We finished our evening with a discerning meal in the delightful company of Sandy and Jay in the dining hall. I ordered the Grilled Filet Mignon-charred onions, roasted potatoes, grilled mushrooms with a pinot noir reduction sauce and the House Blue Boar Salad-mixed baby greens, dried cranberries, candied walnuts with a maple vinaigrette; Gabriel the Jagerschnitzel-breaded veal cutlet, sauteed spatzel with a forest mushroom gravy and the Soup du Jour-clam chowder. Each of our meals were outstanding, though I must confess... Jay ordered the Wild Boar Spare Ribs-chef seasoned, yam puree, sauteed greens, and I found myself envying his choice all evening, especially once he allowed me to wet my palate with a small taste.

Gabriel and I lost ourselves in the ambiance of the Blue Boar Inn, and in the company of Sandy and Jay. Our visit and dinner excursion lasted over 4 hours, excluding travel time. After each visit to one of the exquisite themed rooms, I found myself begging to see what the next room would unveil, imagining a romantic weekend spent in each castle chamber. Every last detail of the Inn is impeccable. The Blue Boar Inn is absolutely harmonious and accommodating.

If you need an excuse to visit the Blue Boar Inn, they are hosting an evening of Bavarian Splendor this New Years beginning at 5pm, including Dancing, Entertainment, a Seven Course Candle Lit Dinner, and a Traditional Blowing of the Alpenhorn at midnight.

Become a fan of the Blue Boar Inn on Facebook to receive periodic updates and special offers, such as 50% off the Lewis Carrol Grand Suite this weekend, and find videos of the Inn's Executive Chef May demonstrating how to make unique and delectable dishes.

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tammy said...

Nice post! The Blue Boar is beautiful, and Eric May, the Executive Chef is very talented! (and nice to boot!)

Barbara Bakes said...

We've eaten at The Blue Boar a couple of times. I especially love the patio in the summer. The rooms look gorgeous. Thanks for the peak!

Camille said...

I've never been - but it looks fabulous! Glad you got to spend some time there! Would be a nice Christmas gift - OR birthday gift, right Kitty?

P.S. Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!

Valerie said...

I've never been there or even seen photos. Your photos are wonderfully inviting and I love your descriptions. It sounds like a great way to spend a fairy tale weekend.

brandon and jakell said...

Today is our 3rd Anniversary and I would so love to go there :( what a fun time it would be. Thanks for the review! We will for sure look into it once we get jobs again, my husband was laid off in Feb 09 and we are still searching. Maybe this can be our place to celebrate when ever we do get to that point and kid free :)

Happy Holidays!

jakellcth@msn. com

Pamela said...

I have always wanted to visit and eat at the Blue boar. What a romantic night!

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