Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Pie

I presume most of us start eating dessert early Thanksgiving morning; I know I do.

This tradition started as a child - I remember watching my Mother every Thanksgiving Eve rolling out pie dough on the huge black countertop in my parent's home. There were two heaters in the kitchen, one on each side of the room; Pammy and I would sit, each of us on one heater vent, opposite sides of the room, knees pulled up to our chest, tshirt pulled over our knees and down to our feet, monopolizing all the hot air to ourselves... and there we would wait as she would cut the ingredients and flour the counter. As soon as she started rolling it out we would hop up, sneak several handfuls dipping them in cinnamon sugar as she decorated the crust and filled the dough with delicious fillings.

So after a cozy sleep dreaming of pie, we could nothing to stop ourselves from whipping up a bowl of fresh cream to get our first taste of Thanksgiving Dessert, first thing in the morning. Why would we?

I hope you get lots of pie today; I know I will!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I copied this video from my sisters blog. Without sounding trite, I was truly touched by this video. I feel it embodies the purpose of giving thanks, and expresses better than I could articulate, the feelings I have for the wonderful blessings I've been given in my life. Too often I find myself wrapped up in the things I hope for - the things I wish I had, but I have been reminded lately the journey is the purpose and the joy is in the journey; finding bliss regardless of circumstance.

Be thankful, simply.

7 Sweet Talkers:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this great video. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Leslie said...

The dude with the skateboard was cracking me up!
Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

Miss Dot said...

Oh my goodness I ate SO MUCH PIE!! I will definitely be walking extra this week to make sure I don't have to go buying a whole new wardrobe :-P

Lisa Michelle said...

Kitty, first off..great vid..I was cracking up. Secondly, as Dot mentioned above..I ate way too much pie fact..half a pumpkin Just call me roly poly by the time January comes around!

Also, I would like to thank you again for inclusing me in your Blogiversary giveaway. The baking will commence Monday and then off they go! *hugs*

Camille said...

OH, how I love my pumpkin pie!! I've been eating the leftovers for about 4 days now!! It's neverending! :) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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