Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wonderful Scents

The second best thing about Thanksgiving are the smells wafting about and from every house. The first is, of course, the food itself, particularly dessert. I've always celebrated Thanksgiving someplace chilly, where the doors and windows generally remain closed, but periodically, for a moment as each guest arrives and the doors open and close to welcome them in, the wonderful aromas escape to delight anyone who may be wandering about.

In fact (I am a bit eccentric I know) I actually enjoy leaving the house during dinner preparation for a few minutes; maybe to walk the dogs, or pick up a last minute ingredient, or just to cool off because it gets hot under all those lights and with the oven on non-stop!!, or maybe just so that when I return I get to experience all those co-mingling scents once again.

This next Thanksgiving dessert I am presenting you with this season is sure to please your olfactory senses; it is a combination of chocolate and cinnamon. It comes to us from The Cooks Encyclopedia of Chocolate, pg 150.

Chocolate Pecan Torte
10 tablespoons butter
7 oz. chocolate
Melt together until smooth

4 eggs
½ cup sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla
Whisk together until frothy
Stir in melted chocolate and butter

1 cup ground pecans
2 teaspoons cinnamon
Stir to incorporate

Pour into greased 8" springform pan
Cover outside of pan with foil
Bake at F350° 25-30 minutes in a water bath

(Optional) Glaze:
Melt 4 oz chocolate and 2 tablespoons honey together and stir to smooth
Pour over entire cake or pipe single dollop on top of individual piece

This cake is gratifying; it is uncomplicated and produces a light and very poignant and rewarding outcome. The cinnamon shines through the chocolate beautifully and makes you click your tongue wondering where it came from, while the pecans make the cake buoyant and unlike flour, they don't overpower the other flavors but instead allow them to seamlessly blend together.

9 Sweet Talkers:

love lives in the kitchen said...

eating it would be a sin, but not enting it would be the most stupid thing ever!
it just looks lovely!
wish you a sweet day!

Miranda said...

Yum. this looks super yummy. I would love to make this....
As soon as I get an oven. LOL.
My husband moved us in a two burners extended stay!! FUN FUN.

Great site. Great dessert.

Millennium Housewife said...

Nooooooooo....I've just started a diet and those pictures are very very mean! x

Nikki said...

Mmmmmmm my mouth is watering at work right now, that chocolate looks delightful and silky and smooth and makes me think of chocolate the way its portrayed in that movie "Chocolat" You have a true gift!!!!

Pamela said...

That cake was divine!! Wish I had had a cute little dollap of chocolate and pecan on mine. Sooo sweet.

Miss-tearious said...

The glaze on top sorta looks like a dollop of poo! Lol.. But I'm 100% positive it doesn't taste like it! :)

Lyuba @ Will Cook For Smiles said...

I made this tonight! Love it, so so delicious! I made this recipe for the Cooking Challenge and I will be featuring you in it. Come by on February 7th to check it out.

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