Monday, November 9, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started!

Have you noticed the cute little countdown button
featured on the top of my right sidebar??
The one that says:
Blogoversary in: __ days!

Today it reads 3 days!
That means my blog turns 1 on Thursday!!
That means this whole week is my blogiversary week!!!

And... I'm choosing to celebrate with you!
Get ready for a lot of exclamation points!
You, you, you!

Let's Get This Party Started!

This week will be all about why I love blogging! It will be all about what knocks my socks off, what brings tears to my eyes, what I find honest and genuine.

This week: This Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will also be all about my favorite bloggers! I will be sharing with you some of my favorite bloggers/bl*isters. And my favorite bloggers are each giving away something to one of you! And you, will get a thousand (give or take) chances to win some fabulous, incredible and amazing goodies!

Then, on Saturday I'll just keep this party rolling and feature some more bloggers and artists - all that love Fahrenheit 350°, baking at that temperature that is, and together we'll will be giving away some more tasty treats!

And finally, phew!, deadline to get all your entries in, for every giveaway, will be Tuesday, November 17. Then everything will be bundled up and mailed off to the winner (selected by! That's right ONE very sweet winner will win everything featured this week! That could be you! You, could win everything!

Extra Large Fine Print:
  • As always, followers automatically get 5 entries! (but! you have to leave a comment on the giveaway for validation)
  • Commenting is required, but will also earn you one entry per giveaway (look for instructions on each individual giveaway)
  • Facebooking about the giveaway will earn you one additional entry per giveaway
  • Tweeting will earn you one additional entry per giveaway
  • Commenting on the Featured Blogger's Blog will give you one additional entry per giveaway
What's behind Door #Monday?
French Knots


Are you surprised I'm featuring my sister Pammy? You shouldn't be! I talk about how much I love her blog all the time.

Pammy's blog is fun, creative, and artsy. She blogs about everything she loves, but she primarily features three things:
Quilts - Pammy is an amazing quilter. When I was married Pammy sought out fabric that represented me, and fabric that represented Gabriel and she intertwined everything majestically! She even embroidered our names, and our wedding date in the center patch! For Christmas last year she quilted a Family Tree Quilt for our parents. She found things that represented each of us, our families, and our aspirations. It was heartwarming. Pammy makes a quilt for her children for each holiday, and she always includes something personal in each quilt!

Field Trip Fridays - Pammy and her family are always exploring! Every week they find a new exciting museum, water park, hike or some other adventure, and she always comes back and shares details, pictures, and directions!
Midweek Munchies - This portion is my favorite of Pammy's blog! She features delicious treats (or restaurants) she has enjoyed throughout the week, and always shares the recipe with photo tutorial!
Pammy also hosts an a.a.amazing holiday boutique twice a year (Winter & Spring), Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe. If you live in Utah - you do not want to miss it!
Pammy is donating her famous homemade toffee, guaranteed to satisfy! This toffee is made with real butter, real chocolate and real walnuts! Oh? You want the recipe!? Pammy is donating the recipe too: Toffee 101!

For this giveaway, head over to Pammy's blog! Visit the Midweek Munchies section, and pick your favorite Midweek Munchie! While you are there become a shortcake/follower for another entry to this week of wicked fun! Then... come back here and leave a comment letting me know which is your favorite munchie! And remember - get lots of extra entries by reading and following the extra large fine print above!

**Giveaway closed! Winner announced soon!**

123 Sweet Talkers:

Kelly O. said...

I've really enjoyed the mid-week munchies posts but must say thatI have the peanut butter bars on my list for this week to try!

Heather said...

her chocolate lovers cookies look so yummy


The Gosfam said...

Her Peanut Butter Bars were one of the first things I made off of her Midweek Munchies--very yummy!!

Pamela said...

This is so cool! Can't wait to see you wins this fabulous giveaway!!

Camille said...

I can't tell you how excited I am! What an fun week you have planned :) I love what you have for door #Monday! I love Pamela's blog, quilting style, Midweek Munchies, everything she writes! My favorite midweek munchie would have to be the PB Bars! (mostly because I've tried them myself!)
Happy Blogaversary!!

Camille said...

I left a comment on Pamela's blog, I'm a follower, AND I blogged about it! I know - I'm just ruining my chances of winning :)

MamaOtwins+1 said...

happy Blogiversary Week - I'm a follower now that I found you on SITS and after I fell in love with your torte/flan/pie.

Going to read about Pamela now.

Frieda said...

Congratulations! I'm a follower.
I need to seriously figure out how to make toffee...

Making Family Dinner Hour Possible said...

I'm new at blogging (mine's going on 4 weeks old) and I know I have a TON to learn. Studying/following other related blogs is the name of my game and yours is SO cute, fun, and informative. I love it and appreciate all you share!

jengd said...

Sorry... just realized how those 5 follower comments worked. :)

I also commented on the French Knots post about the Peanut Butter Bars

Jean Badgley said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. I think blogging for a year is a huge accomplishment.

My favorite Munchie from your sister's site if ..duh..of course the toffee, but I also like the aebelskivers recipe. I just came to own (long story) an antique aebelskiever pan so I can't wait to try my hand at these.

Naomi said...

You are so much fun! Happy Anniversary! I love to support your blog but of course will not pass up an opportunity to win a treat! Yum.

ikkinlala said...

The Fresh Raspberry Tart looks amazing to me.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Sylwia said...

Hey Kitty! Happy Bloggiversary!!! I can't believe that it's been a year already! Congratulations! I follow both you and Pam! Thanks for a GREAT giveaway!

Mini Baker said...

happy blog-iversary to you! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! So happy I found you :)
-Mini Baker :)

Jenn said...

My favorite midweek munchie was the Fresh Raspberry Tart looked so yummy wish I could bake

Lora said...

omgosh that toffee looks amazing! Off to steal, I mean borrow, the recipe!

Kristie said...

The Easter Pizza looks delicious!

khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Chacoy said...

I would like to try the Banana Blueberry muffins, so I am going to make them:)
I follow French Knots(shortcakes)

Rachel said...

So glad I stopped by from SITS! I am definitely going to stop by your sisters blog. Finding another advid quilter is always a treat!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary.
I am now one of Pams followers too.
Can't wait to see how her toffee stands up to mine. ;p
The Frozen Berry dessert will be my undoing.

Anonymous said...

I have posted your Blogiversary giveaway on both my facebook page and twitter accts.

coliebear said...

The chocolate lovers cookies look awesome since I am definitely a chocolate lover.

mogrill said...

I have also made the peanut butter bars. Fabulous. Thanks for the chance.

Wehaf said...

Ooh, the peanut butter bars sound scrumptious.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

The chocolate lovers cookies look delicious

Liz said...

My favorite is the fresh raspberry tart it looks delicious. I also think I'm going to try the candy pizza

Anonymous said...

The Hot Potato Salad is not sweet but looks delicious!

plur268 at yahoo dot com

intensev5 said...

My fav. mid-week munchie is the Fresh Raspberry Tart
Thanks for the great giveaway:)

Lisa said...

My favorite recipe from your sister's blog is the aebelskivers, but I appreciated the root beer party keg post too.

Cathy said...

This is fantastic! I am a new follower!

Cathy said...

Following French Knots!! Yummy Candy Pizza.. Oh and quilts... I wish I knew how..

409cope said...

As a candy lover I'd have to say the Candy Pizza. cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

Amy said...

I love all her midweek munchies...I started salivating over the fresh raspberry tart...It's late and something fresh and cool is what I'm craving...doesn't help that I'm pregnant! lol! I became a shortcake follower!!!!

Amy said...

I commented on her blog under the tom and lucy giveaway...saw your comment there too! :)

Arla said...

Anything baked is always a treat, its my first choice when reaching for a goodie or snack. Hoping to win and thanks for a chance.

turboterp said...

I have to go with pumpkin pie! My mouth is watering just reading about it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The peanut butter bars look delicious. JD

george ferris said...

Toffee 101
george ferris

brandon and jakell said...

candy pizza looks and sounds delish...and I am a HUGE toffe fan..thanks@
jakellcth@msn. com

brandon and jakell said...

French Knots GIVEAWAY at

tweeted (cthmommy)
jakellcth@msn. com

brandon and jakell said...

French Knots GIVEAWAY at
posted on facebook status

jakellcth@msn. com

Anonymous said... i registerd for their newsletter i love the almond toffee. thanks

js22 said...

Best Ever! Oatmeal Raisin Cookies sound wonderful!

Thanks for the giveaway!
email in blogger profile.

js22 said...

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js22 said...

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