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Haunted Heber Creeper: Review & Giveaway

I can't decide if Halloween or Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (notice how both options revolve around food?). Only at Thanksgiving is it formally acceptable to not only splurge on copious amounts of food and desserts, but then unbutton your pants in front of all your guests in sheer gratitude! But!... Halloween is the only time of year where for 31 days straight, you can constantly and legitimately escape reality, become another version of yourself and continuously play pretend, and submit yourself to intense situations all the while snacking constantly on bite size candies.

Halloween it is!
, but ask me again come November 1.

As I mentioned before, Gabriel and I have a spooky tradition to visit at least one Haunted House every season. In early September, as we were driving South on 1-15 we saw a billboard for the Heber Valley Haunted Railroad. This unusual Haunted House is featured on a train; we immediately decided this was the Haunt we wanted to visit for it's non-traditional, unique and extraordinary proposal (even better when I was invited to review it).

Heber Valley Haunted Railroad
Vivian Park
Provo Canyon
Thursdays - 7:30pm & 8:30pm
Fridays & Saturdays - 7:30pm, 8:30pm & 9:30pm
$14 -16 adults, $6-8 children under 12
This family fun attraction is an excellent escape from the traditional spooky and frightening Haunted Houses the season generally assaults us with. It is a boisterous, lively, interactive exhibition that is an enjoyable and entertaining adventure for adults and children alike.

The train creeps along the tracks during the Haunt as the conductor bewitches the passengers with historic tales of railroad folklore. If you keep alert, you may be able to catch glimpses of ghosts alongside the train as the conductor relives their stories, and every once in a while, when the moon is bright, a few animated vagabonds may sneak aboard the train and take it hostage!

The Heber Valley Railroad has a rich history in Utah beginning with the first settlers who arrived in the Heber Valley in 1859. As part of the Rio Grande Western Railway, the tracks transported livestock, freight and agriculture, but the residents wanted a direct route from Provo to Heber, so in 1921 a passenger track was attached to the rear of the train. Now, with a highway linking the two cities the train still runs from Provo to Heber, but as a fun attraction instead of a passenger track, hosting yearly activities such as the Haunted Railroad throughout the month of October.

Be sure to bring a blanket and a few loose dollars, as tradition has it that the best way to experience the attraction is to snuggle up tight in your booth under a blanket with a fresh steaming cup of hot chocolate or apple cider in hand (available for purchase outside the train station).

*Hint: Sit facing the direction the train is moving, and change direction along with the train as it lurches forward and backward.

The train departs from Vivian Park in Provo Canyon, through October 30. Shows before 9:30pm are $16 for adults, $8 for children under 12; 9:30pm show adult fares are $14, children under 12 are $6. Children under 3 years of age are free for all shows. Prior to boarding, hot chocolate, apple cider and candy is available for $1, hot dogs for $3.

This is definitely an attraction you won't want to miss whether it is with the entire family for a nightly excursion, or if it's just you and your sweetheart.

In fact...,
You can win a FAMILY 4 PACK of tickets right here!
10 chances to WIN!
1 entry for leaving a comment
5 entries for blogging about this giveaway (include link)
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One comment please with all info

This contest is open to everyone, but prize is local,
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Contest open all weekend!
Ends Monday, October 19 at 8:59pm
Winner announced Tuesday October 20
(with winner of Sisters that Spook and Z'Tejas giveaway)
Winner selected at

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Heather said...

Oh so fun. I've been wanting to do this for years.


Carin said...

I love the Heber Valley railroad of course I still call it the Heber Creeper LOL! It looks like a lot of fun for Halloween.

dianna said...

Never have been on the Heber Creeper and would love to take my family.

Pamela said...

This is such a cool giveaway!! I will tweet, facebook and blog all about it!!

Ella said...

Looks like alot of Fun! I hope Isa WIN!!! I HAVE POSTED ON MY BLOG AND MY FACEBOOK!!!

Clements Family said...

Oh I would love to do this!!! I will post on my personal blog and on my facebook.

Gabriel Olson said...

I tweeted and facebooked this awesometacular giveaway. my tweet handle is #melvinsqualor

The Double Dipped Life said...

How fun! My kids are 6, 4, and 3. Do you think they are too young? How scary is it?


Valerie said...

It looks like good Halloween fun! It's great that you can catch it in Provo because the only time I have been on the Heber Valley Railroad, I had to catch it in Heber. Great prize!!

NesieBird said...

I have been wanting to do this. My daughters would love to come along for the ride. Very cool pix, by the way.

kneecree at gmail dot com

Danielle Mahoney said...

I tweeted @daniellemahoney, I facebooked and I am leaving this comment so maybe 5 will be enough, cross my fingers I really want to win.

Angie Fab Fattie said...

Yay! What a fun blog! I tweeted @fabfatties, facebooked and this comment! Wish I had time to blog about it, but am excited to have found your blog!



Danielle said...

I want to win! I facebooked and blogged (

Anonymous said...

We have always wanted to do this with our kids - looks like a great time!

cheflikes said...

Sorry... I don't know why I have a hard time reading directions! I want to enter for my sis. I blogged about this giveaway. I should probably get kicked out for causing a mess!

Lisa Michelle said...

Kitty, you're so into Halloween..I love it, since it's my fav holiday! I was browsing through your entries, and that cinnamon caramel covered pecan candy thingamahjig looks so amazing as do the colorful candy cookies. I'm feelin' Halloween here! :)

Carol said...

I posted it on my blog!

jenjangard said...

This just might be the perfect idea for my daughter's 7th birthday this month. She wants to go to a haunted hause w/her friends but this sounds way cooler! Looks like so much fun! I've blogged about this on my blog & am in the process of posting it to my facebook page.

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Hello my lovely Bl*ister! I want to win this to take my daughter - she would love it.

Cookin' Canuck said...

My family would love this! We have never had a chance to do this and I think it would be tons of fun.

Cookin' Canuck said...

Sorry, I meant to put this in the last comment. I tweeted @cookincanuck.

{Linds} said...

Fun!!! I want to go!! and take my kids!! Thanks for ur great blog
:) :) Happy HALLOWEEN!!

Evan said...

I love haunted houses! I wish I lived there so I could enjoy this one!

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