Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Right at Home

It was a bit chilly, as nights often get living in the dessert valley enveloped by dignified mountains; the same kind of chill you often get when anticipating something extraordinary. The kind that even makes you shake a little bit from excitement. But..., by the time the crowd yelled in unison: "Are you Roger Moore?" we were fully warmed and kept so by bellied laughter and hysterical stories.

I'm talking about 'Laughin' Night' of course, part of the Timpanogos Story Telling Festival held a few weeks ago September 3-5 in Orem, Utah.

I've never quite felt so at home, surrounded by those who love to tell stories and those who love to hear them. I was fortunate enough to go all three days, and truly loved and appreciated every aspect of the festival.

Some of my favorite highlights of the Timpanogos Story Telling Festival:
John McCutcheon's moving folk song, "Streets of Sarajevo". His song never fails to bring to me to tears. This incredible tribute honors inspired cellist Vedran Smajlović, who sat on a folding chair for 22 days in the carcass of a bombed bread building, during the siege on Sarajevo in the 1990's, and played Tomas Albinoni's Adagio to honor 22 men, woman and children who were killed while standing in line waiting for bread by a mortar shell.
"Remember there is beauty, no matter what they say."

"The music midst the madness
The courage to be kind
The long forgotten beauty
We thought was blown away
In the streets of Sarajevo everyday."
(Unfortunately, this was the best video I could find, but well enough to hear John sing his compelling song.)

*The Cellist of Sarajevo is next on my reading list

Carmen Agra Deedy sharing her story of finding her first treasured book, and then simultaneously having to wrench it first from the trenches of the nosy and brainy Librarian and then, again from her own mother! Her mother actually expected her to choose sleep over reading! Carmen has been compared to Ricky Ricardo, and her stories are like no other - complete with Cuban accent, hyperactivity and adventure. She's not afraid to let it all out when she takes the stage and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Syd Lieberman pretending to be Sean Connery, but disappointingly being mistook for Roger Moore! We were fortunate to hear Syd both during the days festivities, and in the evening at 'Laughin' Night'. Syd is a captivating storyteller and has a way of becoming his story, rather than simply telling it. He creates a remarkable experience for the audience, and leaves you grinning from ear to ear.

Bill Harley animating the crowd to whine in harmony.

Bill is a crowd-pleaser! I don't think he could disappoint if he tried - I'm sure he would be entertaining even in failure! We loved whining all together, from my four year old nephew to us 20 somethings, and didn't mind one bit when he interrupted his song to tickle us with entertaining stories. So..., what are you a baby about?

In summation: We had a thrilling time and can't wait to go back next year!

3 Sweet Talkers:

Thimbleanna said...

Wow, that looks like an awesome time. That Bill Harley video is great (and oh, so true LOL)!

Barbara said...

Interesting post...the whining video was funny.
I'm a baby about: dentists..flying...hospitals.
Oh well, I've learned to deal with them- too old to cry and have never been a whiner. :/

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