Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Place to Be

Daybreak is the place to be this weekend!
The Spotted Zebra Boutique in South Jordan will be loaded with 
accessories, jewelry, candles, talented artisans - and candy,... of course!

Boutique Location:
3361 Water Crescent Place
South Jordan, Utah 84095

Boutique Hours:
Friday: September 11th,  10 am - 7 pm
Saturday: September 12th, 10 am - 7 pm

This weekend I'll be selling and sampling
Pecan Sweet Logs and Chocolate Pecan Sweet Logs
Caramel Sweet Treats and Chocolate Sweet Treats!

Plus Great News!: 
I will be re-introducing Sweet Log: Pëa nut,
formally only available as a limited edition item:

Peanut Butter Fondant Center, wrapped in Chocolate Caramel 
and coated with baked chopped peanuts!
For sale now at the Fahrenheit 350° Confectionery!

Click on image for directions, map, hours, and more information.

2 Sweet Talkers:

Heather said...

HOW darling and fun! oooh my! i didn't even see that while i was there. HOW CUTE! you are soo darling! GOOD LUCK! you are the best!

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