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San Francisco Giveaway

We are no strangers to San Francisco...

In 2004 Gabriel and I traveled to Stanford in Palo Alto to watch my good friend Allison Hanna's last college golf tournament. We both got off work at about 10pm when the mall closed; I was working at See's Candies, Gabriel at Nordstrom. We drove all night, arrived at the tournament, watched the last 9 holes, and drove back home. (We learned that trip to take turns, as opposed to try and keep the other person awake.)

The next weekend following the golf tournament, coincidentally, See's Candies flew us down to San Francisco for a banquet luncheon honoring See's employees; a little perk for every 5 years with the company. Because we were in the hotel chosen by See's we were clear out at the Marriott at the airport. We took the airport shuttle everyday to the BART, made it into the city, then padfooted around hitting every major tourist attraction.

In 2007 we played in San Francisco both in March and in December, traveling through on our way to Disneyland!

Last February we headed down for the Game Developer's Conference when Gabriel scored a 3 day pass from the Art Institute. I discovered on this trip that even though Portland and San Francisco house the same stores, San Fran gets a lot better merchandise... so, Gabriel networked and schmoozed and I shopped!

We just returned from this years 2009 GDC. Now, we've done the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, Coit Tower, Lombard Street, Ghirardelli Square, Cable Cars, Union Square, BART, the Financial District, Pier 39, China Town, etc. This being our 6th trip to San Francisco in as many years, we felt it was time to shed our site seeing coats and found it a pleasant change to approach the city as urbanites, as opposed to wide eyed tourists.

However! One day, whilst shopping and searching for a particular store my sister called me and during our chat I became totally lost - only to find myself directly in front of Citizen Cake! I originally heard of Citizen Cake when I was trying to find the perfect name for my own blog and someday store front bakery, needless to say I found the name absolutely inspiring... A bakery inspired by a book = magnificence! Eating the food, not so much... I was so disappointed! Unfortunately, it was a miss on all 4 of the treats I sampled. The problem rests 1) in the fact that one of the employees called a cupcake "our version of a hostess", 2) once something gets too big, quality suffers and 3) it felt a bit like trying to hard with too many combinations. But, it was very exciting nonetheless!

These photos are of all the things a "foodie" missing her kitchen notices in the big city. The whole trip I kept telling Gabriel, "I'm missing something..." "I'm craving something..." "I want something..." It was getting my hands dirty! In honor, I'm giving away a 1 pound Pecan Log!!! A deliciously tempting candy fondant center wrapped in caramel and then wrapped in pecans toasted in a secret savory concoction!
One lucky person, who leaves a comment correctly identifying, in any of the 6 photos above, (citizen cake photo n/a) what is pictured and it's location in the San Francisco Valley. There are lots of hints within this post!!

  • 8 entries allowed per person/photo; 1 per photo except the first photo for which you'll get 3
  • Unlimited "tell a friend" entries; 1 entry per friend you tell that enters
  • Winner will be picked at random
  • Deadline to enter is April 9 | Winner announced on April 10
  • Example - Photo 7 is a Citizen Cake Take Out Bag located downtown SF on Grove Street, Kitty is my friend (if you recommend someone) Friend of Kitty's (if someone recommended you come to F350°)

***Giveaway now closed for entries; winner announced!***

13 Sweet Talkers:

Heather said...

You are soo cute! it looks like SUCH a fun trip! as much as you KNOW I WOULD SALAVATE OVER YOUR PECAN LOG! i have NO FLIPPING CLUE!!!
i would say that those cupcakes that you posted WOULD be from citizen cupcake!? downtown SF on Grove Street. but, i don't know for sure! i just figured since you said you thought they were good looking but didn't taste soo great!
anyways. that is my entry! i am soo clueless i don't quite understand the friend thing!
anyways, so, I didn't know that thing was CHOCOLATE!!! oh my gosh! that is crazy awesome!
anyways, love you darling girl!!! this is a cute idea! and I LOVE the story! how great! so many fun times in san fran!
love you to pieces!!!

Melissa S. said...

Wow all of that stuff looks so yummy!! you guys are so cute!!! Those cupcakes are calling me! But I would love to get that LOG :)
my email is
thanks Melissa S.

Heather said...

SO, i decided to re-enter... and i decided that those cupcakes are NOT from the citizen cupcake factory... but, from kara cupcakes...located..3249 Scott Street (at Chestnut)
San Francisco, California 94123

ALSO, the crab on pier 39 in san fran! so, i dont' know if ANY Of that works out!? but, i am entered i guess. Love you girl!!! i love reading about your stories. i guess i already said all of that. BUT< seriously. tasting good or not. JUST the LOOKS of those cupcakes... i could POP EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE SUCKERS In less then 5 minutes. I promise! you wanna dare me!?? hahahah just kidding!
they look SMASHING! and, well, sometimes looks trump taste (not in my world>) but, sometimes to SOME PEOPLE THEY DO! ;O)

love you to pieces my LOVE! xoxo

Kristen said...

Of course I recognized the Golden Gate Bridge in the BG. I would guess pics of Fisherman's Warf. Of course you had to make it hard. lol!

Anne said...

I'll go for the obvious photo, since I've only been to SF once in my life. photo #3 pier 39 fisherman's wharf. I'm a pregnant lady and these food photos are just way too tempting. thanks!

Olga said...

omg, this brings so many awesome memories from my trip to San Francisco a few years ago. It's such an awesome city!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the Sourdough Bread Turtles were at the Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe near Fisherman's Wharf. And one picture has the Golden Gate Bridge in it, of course. Maybe the picture of the chocolate is at Ghiradelli Square? And Chinatown for the plates of food, and the Embaracadero Pier 39 for the big buggy thing.

Pamela said...

let me take a guess: photo number one is grapefruit trees at the winchester mansion.

Photo number three is at pier39

Photo number four is at ghiradelli square

I am blogging about this tomorrow so count me for that!!

Megan said...

I just got back from Sanfran yestersay and I know that crab is at the beginning of Pier 39!

Benj and Melinda said...

Ok I totally meant to enter like the moment you posted this! Your Pecan Logs are my absolute favorite thing you make. Since I have only been to SF for like 5 hours I will do my best. I will also blog about your giveaway. Does that count for telling other friends?

#1 Ok um the first picture is of a citrus tree of some sorts at that crazy ladies house you went to.

#3 Crab at Pier 39

#4 I bet is Ghiradelli Square

#5 Citizens cupcakes

#6 China town good eats

Marleys! said...

Hey! I LOVE your Pecan Log, but seen as thought I've been the recipient of it prior, I had excluded myself from this competition. But if I can get my hands on another I will do my best. Here it goes.

#1 Palo Alto
#3 Pier 39
#4 Ghiradelli Square
#5 Citizen cupcake
#6 China Town
#8 Golden Gate Bridge

I told friends!
I also have to add that everyone who I let try this pecan log raved about it. This creation is amazing! This was a tough but fun contest, thanks.

Lori Russell said...

OK so I NEED this log! mmmm...pecans.....
Here are my guesses...
#1 Palo Alto-Stanford Gold Course and/or campus
#2 Boudin Bakery I'm guessing on the warf
#3 Pier 39
#4 I'm totally sure that this is from ghirardelli square but I'm going to guess that you were on that SF Gourmet Chocolate Tour. and now if you weren't you are going to! :)
#5 Citizen cake on the warf
#6 I don't think this is chinatown, it's just cups of seafood so I'll say on Pier 39 at one of the little seafood kiosk places
#8 the gg bridge! with your cute doggies!

this way really awesome catherine! Seriously good call! love ya!

Anonymous said...

1 - a grapefruit tree in the burbs
2 - turtle bread, Budoins Baker, Fisherman's warf
3 - Fisherman's warf - pier 39 - crab statue
4- Chocolate and lots of it at Ghiradellis Square
5- has to be Citizens or Kara's
6 - calamari oysters, shrimp at the wharf
7 - The blog bag
8 - Gabe and Cat with their two firstborn furry children kissing on the GG Bridge

Janice Sherard

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