Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fortunate Circumstances

I'm feeling generous this month...
And offering another sweet giveaway!!!

Make and Takes

Enter to win this week, over at Make and Takes, a cacophony of excellent bounty:
  • Half pound Pecan Sweet Log
  • Half Pound Chocolate Pecan Sweet Log
  • Half Pound Walnut Sweet Log
  • 8oz Caramel Sweet Sauce
  • 8oz Chocolate Sweet Sauce
  • 8oz Toasted Coconut Sweet Sauce
***Giveaway now closed for entries; winner announced***

1 Sweet Talkers:

Heather said...

YOU are soo generous ALWAYS! honestly girl! anyways, how exciting! you are such a sweetheart! love you girl! YOUR products look SO wonderful!!! you are awesome! love you! have a good day!!! xoxo

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