Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cat's B-day Cake

Hello Peeps. This is Cat's Husband Gabriel.

I am not nearly the baker Catherine is. Though, I am able to cook a pretty mean breakfast, which I attribute to the years I spent toiling away at a breakfast restaurant in Provo Utah.

Anyways. I made Catherine a cake for her Birthday this year and had some fun. So I decided to keep the tradition going and make a better cake for her every year. I set the bar pretty low this year I think.

Here are some photos of my mad cake making skills!

Boxed cake mixes are a big no no! I went beyond that and made the ultimate taboo! Not only did I use a yellow cake and a chocolate cake. But one is Betty Crocker and the other is Duncan Hines! I think I've broken some culinary laws with this one!

I did make the butter cream frosting by hand though. There ended up not being enough so I made another batch. I wanted to make a pink cake, but we were out of red food coloring, so I added some pink sugar sprinkles (I know, I am pretty fancy)

With candles!

And here is the Birthday Girl digging in! She was kind and insisted that it was delicious. I have lived with her long enough to know when she is lying. Thanks babe! Happy Birthday!

2 Sweet Talkers:

Heather said...

FIRST OF ALL! OH MY GOSH! I DIDN"T Know your site was UP!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY yAY yAY! horray!

second of all, HAPPY birthday cute girl!!!

third... WHAT A SWEET DARLING HUSBAND to go to the TROUBLE of MAKING YOUR CAKE!???? WHAT!? it looks delicious! he did a great job! way to go gabe! LOVE that you went to the trouble! SO SWEET! what a good good good HUSBAND! YAY!

I am soo excited that i found this site! HORRAY HORRAY HORRAY!

love you! you look amazing! happy bday sweetie!

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